Our Plan for Bassetlaw

I stood at the last general election with a clear plan for Bassetlaw, my plan included protecting the NHS, tackling crime & anti-social behaviour, improving local infrastructure, making sure Bassetlaw is fit for the future, more funding for local schools and to deliver Brexit. 

I was elected on this plan and will give you regular updates as I work to deliver for residents.

  • Get Brexit Done

    Aim - Bassetlaw voted 68.3% to Leave the EU in the 2016 Referendum. It's time to get Brexit done so that we can concentrate on the other priorities for our country. I'll back Boris Johnson's Brexit deal - making sure we're out before January 31st.

  • Protect the NHS

    Aim - Let's make sure we can all access great healthcare - with £33.9 billion in extra NHS funding  every year by 2023-2024. My wife works as a doctor at Bassetlaw Hospital, so I know first-hand what our amazing NHS staff do. I'll always protect our local health services.

  • Tackle Crime & Anti-Social Behaviour

    Aim - Bassetlaw needs it's fair share of the 20,000 new police officers that are being recruited nationally - and I'll make sure this happens. So we can combat anti-social behaviour, county lines drug gangs and thefts across our area. 

  • Make Sure Bassetlaw's Fit For The Future

    Aim - Labour failed to secure funding for Bassetlaw and a potential pot of up to £25million from the Towns Fund. Our town centres in Retford and Worksop need investment.

  • Improve Local Infrastructure

    Aim - I'll make sure new housing developments come with the services they need, particularly in places such as Harworth and Bircotes. I'll push for more facilities like schools, GP surgeries and shops so that local demands are met.

  • More Funding for Schools

    Aim - As a teacher I've seen first-handed the amazing start great schools give our children. And as a parent myself, every child should have the opportunity to attend good and outstanding schools. That's why we'll increase funding for every pupil in our local schools.