Get Brexit Done

Aim - Bassetlaw voted 68.3% to Leave the EU in the 2016 Referendum. It's time to get Brexit done so that we can concentrate on the other priorities for our country. I'll back Boris Johnson's Brexit deal - making sure we're out before January 31st.

Update - I voted for Boris' Brexit Deal and Britain left the European Union on 31st January 2020. 

Promise Delivered ✅


Brendan Questions Minister on Immigration Bill

Brendan Clarke-Smith MP today questioned the Cabinet Office Minister Penny Mordaunt MP (Paymaster General) on the Government's new Immigration Bill.

The Immigration Bill will introduce a points based system for immigration into the UK and end free movement from the European Union.

Brexit Bill clears House of Lords

Fantastic news tonight as the Withdrawal Agreement Bill has passed through the House of Lords and now just needs Royal Assent.

Withdrawal Agreement Bill passes in the Commons

WE DID IT! The Commons voted 330 to 231 in favour of the Withdrawal Agreement Bill. It should now pass through the House of Lords before gaining Royal Assent and becoming law. This is one of the reasons you sent me to Westminster and a promise I made to the people of Bassetlaw.